An inflight catering provider of Philippine Airlines

Field Servicing

Field Servicing Department
Our Catering Field Servicing Department operates on a 24-hour basis and is manned by personnel with several years of airline catering servicing experience. The department is comprised of the Dispatch and Ramp Servicing. Supervisors seasoned in the airline catering business, man the Dispatch office and ramp operations around the clock. Their general functions are the receipt, dissemination and dispatch of catering needs of our customers. Resource planning (driver and fleet allocation) is within its scope of responsibility.

Catering Production

Catering Support

Catering Support
All our flights are attended by highly qualified and service oriented Catering Service Representatives and are monitored flight by flight by the designated Ramp Supervisor. Strict NAIA and Company Safety and Security procedures are adhered, e.g. padlocking of rear door after departure from unit; food loader vans are off-limits to non-catering personnel; prohibition from opening of aircraft doors unless duly authorized and trained by qualified airline engineers. SKPI cater meals for business class (Mabuhay Class), premium economy class and economy class.

  • Kitchen capacity up to 20,000 meals per day
  • Current production – average of 15,000 meals per day
  • Dedicated Japanese Kitchen
  • Dedicated Halal Kitchen and Sanitizing Area with Malaysian Certification
  • Expertise in Asian, Western and Local Cuisines
  • Fully equipped in-house Food Laboratory (water, raw and finished food products and materials)
  • HACCP certified by BOQ
  • HACCP qualified Quality Assurance team
  • Base Caterer providing all bonded kits and supplies
  • Security Compliant (TSA, EU and Australia
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